Dolphin Premier Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner Review


You can find many products when looking for premium automatic pool cleaners on the market. However, many customers choose the Dolphin Premier. This is an excellent product for the entire Dolphin range. It comes with powerful DC motors.

Moreover, it is also famous for its capability of cleaning all different debris types from the pool. This model promises to give you the most bang for the money compared to similar ones at similar prices.

Keep reading this article to get more reviews of this product.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner Features

Media Multimedia System

You can see several different types of dirt accumulating when handling dirt in your pool. You can see the leaves falling into the pool, the algae sticking to the walls, as well as the fine dirt. There are different problems in cleaning depending on the type of cleaners.

This feature allows the cleaner to clean all different debris types. It can collect all different types of media as well. Some robotic models try to collect larger debris, such as sticks and leaves.


Many robotic pool cleaners have issues with being through about the pool since automatic pool cleaning may cause inefficient results. This pool cleaner has the SmartNav scanner that promises to keep your entire pool clean.

Also, the model comes with a powerful microprocessor.

Anti-tangle swivel

Just like any other appliances at home, it is essential to plug the device in. You cannot find the Anti-tangle swivel in older cleaners. Also, you will get a three years warranty from the Dolphin Premier.

This model is very sturdy since it is built with quality materials. This feature allows the cleaner to be ongoing without any issues.

Efficient motors

This model works with powerful electrical motors. It comes with 24V motors performing on 90% less power compared to the normal AC booster pumps. You can use this pool cleaner on a regular basis.

It promises to keep your pool clean as long as you operate it five times per week.

Fully autonomous

This pool cleaner is designed to do all the work. Moreover, it does not require you to check on it. Because of full automation, this model will do its job without supervision at all.

High-quality cleaning

This is the best feature of the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner. As mentioned above, this device can help you clean the pool after a 2-3 run-through. The reason is that it can work well on various media types.

Great warranty

Coming to the Dolphin Premier Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner, you will receive a three-year warranty. It means you can ask for customer support if you notice there is something wrong with your device.

Then, they will guide you on how to send your product in for repairs.

Pros and Cons


  • A three years warranty allows you to have the device repaired.
  • The SmartNav system helps to track the cleaning. It allows for cleaning the entire pool.
  • The multi-media system allows you to change the device for your personal needs. This feature helps to reach different parts of your pool.


  • The price is not cheap. In fact, it is hard to get a high-quality device at a cheap price. Therefore, it is not suitable for those who have a tight budget.
  • This cleaner may be hard to operate. Despite the manual, you still have to take some effort to make sure it clean your pool.

Dolphin Premier Optional Extras

You can get the advantage of a Carry Caddy. It gives you convenient transport. Also, it is ideal for storing your device. However, you have to purchase it separately since this product does not have.

Besides, you can consider buying a Wireless Remote to get wireless control of where the pool cleaner goes. You need to buy it separately. This feature is essential for spot cleaning. Also, you should consider it if you want to get fun playing with your device in the pool.


In conclusion, the Dolphin Premier Robotic Automatic Pool Cleaner is an outstanding device. This one is worth the money. However, it is a bit confusing to work. It may not be suitable for the technology illiterate people.

With this pool cleaner, you will not feel tedious. Therefore, seriously consider purchasing this device if you don’t have any problems with your budget.

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